Art Opening + Meditation: Susan Stainman

Join our current artist, Susan Stainman to meditate on creativity and celebrate her beautiful art work at Sangha.

// Creative Meditation 7-7:30 //
Mindfulness and meditation are incredible tools for gaining greater access to our innate creativity. Through mindfulness, we connect to our internal and external worlds, helping us better understand ourselves, the world around us, and also to sometimes just get out of our own way and let our natural creativity take over. As an artist and a meditation teacher, I depend upon mindfulness to help me create works of art, and also to allow my innate sense of creativity to express itself in all areas of my life. As one artist recently said to me, we are all creating a very long durational performance called our lives. Mindfulness helps us make that life our ultimate creative expression. Join me for a short talk and a few creatively mindful exercises as we learn to free our natural creative expression.

// Art Opening 7:30-9 //
Come by or stick around after meditation to view Susan's beautiful collages & connect as a community.