Master Class with Bibi Lorenzetti: Twisting with Ease

Twists are important asanas for spinal health; they keep the spine flexible (a rigid spine is more prone to injury as it can not absorb shock) and bring fresh blood supply to the spinal nerves. The benefits of twisting postures is available for everyone. You do not need to be young or flexible to experience the powerful effects of deep twisting. As my teacher, Sri Sharath Jois always says ‘yoga is for everyone of all ages, genders, sizes and shapes, except for lazy people.’ In this class we will look at the basic principles in a relatively simple twist like Marichasana C and how they can be applied to much more complex twisting postures that come in more advanced Ashtanga Series. We will explore the key alignment pointers and subtle principles that must be established from the beginning in order to build a practice with a balanced integration of strength and ease. We will mindfully move into a variety of purifying spinal twists from the primary and intermediate Ashtanga series, learning how to get deeper into twists, understanding the alignment and benefit, cultivating the breathing technique within each pose. Twists cleanse the digestive system, help remove excess fatty tissue around the mid-section, open the muscles along the back and shoulders, help build a deeper awareness of the breath-bandha connection, help maintain a flexible spine and encourage smooth circulation of energy along the central column. Wether you are an advanced student or you are new to the practice we will cover some crucial pieces of information that will help you practice any twist with ease.