Master Class with Bibi Lorenzetti - A Journey to Kapotasana

Backbending and Outward Energy - A Journey To Kapotasana

In this master class we will explore the importance of foundation and steadiness to create ease in every backbend.
Just as a tree with strong roots grows healthy and tall, by building a strong foundation, our asana practice will evolve and transform us day by day, year by year.

Postures revolve around pairs of opposites (grounding/ lengthening, strength/softness, drawing back/reaching forward). Striking the perfect balance between the two, by staying connected to our center, allows us to find freedom and grace in every posture.
We will look at how to establish and train our foundation, through various postures within the standing, sitting and finishing sequences of the primary and second series of ashtanga yoga and build up to the deepest second series backbend: kapotasana.

By exploring different variations on backhanding, participants will have a deeper understanding of the benefits and mechanics of the asana, so they can incorporate this knowledge into their daily practice.

This workshop is open to practitioners of all levels (there will be different options for different levels), with an open mind, and a willingness to learn.
Wherever you are in relation to your backbends, you will feel both challenged and supported.