Yoga Teacher

Posted by sanghaadmin
on September 22nd, 2008


Stacey Lee

As a former dancer and now a writer and filmmaker, yoga has always played a complimentary role in Stacey’s life. Originally from New Zealand, Stacey has lead a nomadic lifestyle in recent years living and working across Europe and now more recently New York.  In 2012 she took the summer off to began her yoga teacher training under Mel Russo and Liz Berhler-Walker at Yoga High in the Lower East Side. Her training in Vinyasa Flow suits her energetic personality and she loves using her knowledge to help others de-stress and find balance from their hectic lifestyles also. Stacey takes a creative approach to sequencing her classes using a mixture of film and music playlists to keep her classes fun and interesting. She teaches at Sangha Yoga Shala at 9.45am Saturday mornings.


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