Post-Pregnancy Pilates: How to Safely Begin Exercise After Baby


You have a new baby and a new body. Now what?

To help you get back to feeling more like yourself, you need a little time for yourself. This workshop will give you the opportunity to focus on you and healing your body. In this class we will:

Check for diastasis and answer questions about exercise after c-section or complicated deliveries
Build a strong foundation by working your pelvic floor
Strengthen your abdominal muscles
Work your whole body, gently, building up to a strong workout
Learn how to use Pilates in your daily life to handle your baby and all the baby gear with ease
Experience the common bond between you and other new moms, swap stories, give/get advice and have fun.
Regardless of whether or not you are ready to get up and go running or feeling sluggish and weak, we will start from the beginning so that we can advance safely and get your body feeling and looking fabulous in no time. Pilates is the safest, most effective way to make it happen. You will leave this workshop with awakened abdominal muscles, information about exercise modifications for your needs, and a motivation to continue working out and feeling good!

Date: Saturday March 10th / 1:30p – 3:30p

Price: $45 pre-registration, $50 day of


Partner Yoga for Labor & Birth


With an emphasis on a practical approach to helping labor progress more smoothly, we will workshop breathing techniques, intuitive touch for partners, as well as positions for labor to help manage pain and cultivate a relaxed state during birth.

DATE: Sunday February 23rd
TIME: 1:30pm – 4:00pm
PRICE: $140