Organic & Raw Buddha Chocolates now offered at Sangha!

The Chocolate of Awakening.

Buddha Chocolate is an artisan un-heated Raw chocolate made from the finest quality Peruvian cacao beans and sweetened with raw, humane honey from Vermont. Honey delivers the body essential enzymes for healing & restoring the body, and essential taste for rejuvenating the soul!

Buddha Chocolate was founded in Brooklyn NY by yoga teachers Laura O’Hara & Cayce Pia  who share a long-time passion for creating delicious, savory raw treats. And their passions go far beyond the taste buds. They have experienced first-hand the amazing benefits of healthy, balanced living and are committed to sharing this bliss with the world.

Classic, Crystal Salt and Super Food for sale at Sangha! 

We’ve sampled… it is amazing! <3 Sangha

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